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We had the opportunity to work on the concept model of a hydrogen cassette tank developed by Teijin Engineering Co., Ltd.
ARRK provides support to our customers in design, engineering, and prototyping. This involves a portable power generation device that uses hydrogen, which is gaining attention as the next-generation energy source. Fuel cells like this one are expected to find applications in various fields in the future.
Event Exhibition Commuter
Panasonic Corporation asked us to manufacture a model of an EV commuter for their 100th-anniversary event. While they had a concept to propose a new form of mobility to society, we initially felt that the customer's requirements were very challenging for us, as we did not have extensive experience in manufacturing actual commuting vehicles. We started the project with concerns about whether we could meet the vehicle design requirements considering weight restrictions and whether we could complete it by the delivery date. We were also worried about the possibility of operational issues at the event. However, with high morale among our team members, we aimed to leverage our ideas and technical expertise to deliver a service that exceeded our customer's expectations.
The outer design of an electric three-finger robot hand
The hand, motor, and controller are integrated into one unit, allowing for gripping force, operating speed, and position control using a servo system with a stepper motor. This product achieves a firm and precise grip on a variety of objects.
JTEKT Corporation
This is a self-propelled training robot designed with the aim of improving walking ability and extending healthy lifespan. It offers three modes「Arm Swing Training」「Resistance Training」「Assisted Walking」allowing users to choose the most suitable training based on their level of independence and daily physical condition. We assisted in the design, engineering, and prototyping of this product.
Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
The Corocoro Checker® is a robot that travels along the cables of cable-stayed bridges, capturing and recording a 360° exterior view of the cables for visual inspection. ARRK was responsible for the redesign of the existing machine. We proposed a solution that addressed the challenges and achieved development cost savings while ensuring the inspection performance of the current machine, ultimately leading to its manufacturing.
ARRK Corporation

ARRK Corporation is a global company that supports customer product development. With bases around the world, we provide borderless services

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