Prototype Tooling

Simple Mold (Prototype Tooling)

A simple mold (Prototype Tooling) is a manufacturing process where injection molding is carried out using molds made from easily processed materials such as aluminum or ZAS. By designing molds in a cassette-style and utilizing shared mold bases, the significant advantage of this process is the substantial reduction in mold manufacturing costs and lead time compared to production molds. It can utilize the same resin as production parts, allowing for various tests and evaluations, making it suitable for small-batch production (from one unit to a few thousand units).

Lower Cost and Shorter Lead Time Compared to Production Tools

By creating prototype parts using production materials, it becomes possible to conduct material property testing and evaluations equivalent to those performed during mass production.

Simplicity in Mold Structure and Its Limitations

Compared to production molds, the mold structure is simpler in Prototype Toolings, resulting in limitations in the number of shots it can handle.

Strengths of ARRK

Leveraging a global network, we offer a wide range of solutions from precision components to large parts.

Technical Support with Mass Production in Mind

With expertise in various manufacturing methods, ARRK can provide tailored suggestions considering factors like application, cost, and lead time.


– Mold Flow Analysis
– Plating, Coating, Various Painting, Printing
– Assembly
– Measurement and Evaluation Testing
– Packaging Design
– Tooling Creation

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