December 1968 Incorporated OSAKA DESIGN MODEL CENTER in Higashi-sumiyoshi-Ku, Osaka-Shi, for manufacturing industrial models.
October 1984 Model Maker Associates(currently ARRK North America) was established in New York, U.S.A.
October 1988 Model Makers Associate Ltd (currently ARRK PDG U.K.) was established in England and Wales, U.K.
December 1988 Design Model Manufacturing Thailand (currently ARRK Corporation (Thailand) ) was established in Bangkok, Thailand.
September 1989 Company name was changed to ARRK CORPORATION
July 2001 Joint Company ARRK Dison(currently ARRK Taiwan Co.,LTD) was established by Dison (Taiwan) and ARRK CORPORATION.
January 2004 ARRK PDG U.K. acquired NPL Technologies (U.K)(currently ARRK Europe Ltd.).
February 2005 ARRK PDG U.K. acquired PCL Group (Germany). (currently ARRK Engineering)
October 2005 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section
November 2007 Established business and capital ties with 3D AUTO PROTECH.
August 2014 OPI 11 Corporation, a subsidiary of ORIX became our parent company.
April 2015 Absorbing 3D AUTO PROTECH, which was wholly owned subsidiary.
October 2015 ARRK Dongguan established in China.
January 2018 Mitsui Chemicals Group became parent company
July 2020 Delisted from Tokyo Securities Exchange 1st section
August 2020 Mitsui Chemicals Group became wholly-owning parent company.

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