We will act in accordance with the following matters to establish better relationships with our stakeholders and to strengthen the group’s sound and sustainable corporate value through the group-wide transparency and credibility.


ARRK Group shall ensure regulatory compliance and give the highest priority to regulatory compliance in our business activities.

  1. ARRK Group shall comply with laws and regulations in each country and region as well as compete fairly and freely with decency.
  2. ARRK Group shall establish and operate the systems for ensuring the compliance of the performance of directors’ and employees’ duties with laws and regulations and the articles of incorporation and the systems for ensuring the appropriateness of the performance of the Group.
    ARRK Group shall establish the internal control systems for ensuring the appropriateness of our financial report and strive to advance the systems continually in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  3. ARRK Group shall keep out any relations with antisocial organizations and refuse any unreasonable demands from them and conduct no promotion of their activities.

Bribery Prevention

ARRK Group shall not provide interests to the Group or third party against the Group’s honest interests.
ARRK Group shall not receive illegal benefit with regard to procurement.

Information Management

ARRK Group shall prevent leaking of private information by adequate acquisition and management of private information in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and internal rules.
ARRK Group shall recognise maintenance of confidentiality of our customers as most important to our business and strive for upgrading the system of information security and the level of security protection.

Safety and Health

Based on its philosophy, “In all matters, Safety First,” the ARRK Group has established and operates a safety and health management system, positioning safety and health as core themes in its business operations.

Through the collective efforts of all employees, the ARRK Group ensures strict compliance with safety-related laws and regulations, basic rules and other requirements, raises the awareness of each employee regarding safety and health, works toward the creation of comfortable work environments and fosters continuous improvement to prevent occupational accidents and work-related illnesses.


“In all matters, Safety First”


  • We shall act in compliance with safety-related laws and regulations and basic rules.
  • We shall create accident-free, disaster-free, healthy and safe workplaces.
  • We shall work to raise safety levels with the collective efforts of all members of the Group.


With the aim of contributing to the creation of a sustainably developing society based on the recognition of its role as a corporate citizen and its philosophy of harmony with the nature and environment of local communities, the ARRK Group has established and operates an environmental management system.

The ARRK Group complies with environment-related laws and regulations and other requirements and works to mitigate the burden on the environment, including the prevention of pollution, resource and energy saving, and reduction of waste, in all areas of its business operations from research and development, design, procurement of raw materials, and manufacture to disposal.


’Harmony with the Environment’


  • We shall act in compliance with environment-related laws and regulations and basic rules.
  • We shall create business activities that have a minimal environmental footprint.
  • All members of the ARRK Group join together in taking on challenges to respond to environmental issues.


Based on its philosophy, ’Quality in Art and Technology,’ the ARRK Group has built and operated a fine quality management system (QMS) according to the public quality certifications.

With the greatest goal of promptly responding to customer requirements that change with technological progress, and making our customers happy from the bottom of our hearts, the ARRK Group will continuously improve our sales, design, and production systems through miscellaneous quality management activities united throughout the company.

The ARRK Group strives to provide safe and secure products and services.


’Quality in Art & Technology’


  • We shall produce good products quickly
  • We shall deliver reliable products and services
  • We aim to be a company which can be proud of quality

Respect for Human Rights

ARRK Group shall respect basic human rights of all people and avoid discriminations or human rights violations based on race, creed, sex, social status, family origin or disability.
ARRK Group shall respect cultures and customs in each country and region and conduct business contributory to development of them.

Information on Certification


North America(ARRK Automotive USA, INC.)


ARRK Europe Ltd.(Nuneaton Technical Center, Gloucester Technical Center)


SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping B.V.

ARRK Engineering GmbH



Dongguan ARRK Product Development Ltd.


ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015 IATF 16949:2016

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