CEO’s Message

A Partner That Develops and Supplies Innovative Products for the Future

The world faces many social issues, including global warming, declining birthrates, aging populations, energy problems, health and safety threats, and food security. A number of industries and services are working to develop new products and services with the aim of providing value that can contribute to addressing these social issues.

Since its establishment, as a product development support company, ARRK has provided support to customers operating in a wide range of industries. The services ARRK provides include product planning, design, product devising, analytic simulations, prototyping, and the manufacturing of molds and small-lot molded products.

ARRK is now a member of the Mitsui Chemicals Group and utilizes its expertise in materials, processing, analysis, and assessment to develop innovative products and services for the future.

ARRK aims to be a partner that helps its customers turn their ideas of future products and services into tangible form.

To be a dependable development partner, ARRK is committed to enhancing its ability to create new things and make the impossible possible.

President & CEO

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