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What is New Product Development Support?

New Product development generally involves processes such as planning, design, engineering, prototyping and evaluation, and mass production. Starting with a concept from the customer, a design is created to visualize how the concept will take shape. Once the design is confirmed, the next step involves designing the external appearance and structural elements. Subsequently, a functional prototype is created. After conducting various evaluations to ensure no issues with product realization, the process moves on to mass production.

While some manufacturers have these functions in-house, many companies outsource the production of components, prototypes, and molds to external suppliers. Moreover, even service-oriented non-manufacturers have begun to develop their own products for differentiation and undertake small-scale production. Companies like us, ARRK, which possess unique expertise, assist in such development scenarios. Our role in supporting the transformation of customer development themes and ideas into reality is termed as “development support.”

ARRK’s Package Solution

ARRK’s Package Solution is a comprehensive development support and contract service that combines proprietary know-how from various processes. While there are numerous companies that focus solely on prototyping or mass production, those that can manage the entire process from concept to mass production are relatively rare. With over 70 years of accumulated know-how and technical expertise, ARRK is intimately familiar with the development process. We provide one-stop support for customers’ desired product development and offer innovations that go beyond the current market trends.

Benefits of Package Solution

The primary advantage of ARRK’s Package Solution is “optimal development.” By managing the entire development process, rather than simply combining goods and data, we can optimize quality, delivery times, and budgets. In cases where there are three processes – A, B, and C – as shown in the diagram, if only B is outsourced, the contracted company can only perform tasks as instructed, as they lack visibility into the preceding and succeeding processes. However, with ARRK’s Package Solution, we can oversee all three processes – A, B, and C – allowing us to propose changes in process A, for instance, to compress the time and cost of both B, C, and the entire development process. This approach maintains high quality while contributing to short delivery times and low costs.

Integrated Project Management

Development sites cannot be sustained by specialists in individual processes alone. This is primarily because many processes lack the ability to manage cross-functional and comprehensive processes. To address this, ARRK has introduced a Project Manager system. Certified Project Managers, recognized by third-party organizations such as PMP (Project Management Professional), oversee the entire process centrally, supporting customers’ optimal development.

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