Optical analysis

Optical analysis

Here at ARRK, we harness the power of advanced optical analysis software and cutting-edge ray tracing tools to dissect a diverse range of optical data. Our iterative approach towards refinement is tailored to align perfectly with your conceptualizations, resulting in the realization of your envisioned light. This journey is enriched by transforming concepts into tangible forms through vivid imagery and precise numerical representations, ultimately breathing life into the ultimate product image.

Discover Our Key Attributes

Streamlined Development

Streamlined Development: By meticulously analyzing and optimizing optical paths, we curtail the need for excessive prototype iterations, directly translating into significant savings in costs and lead time.

Virtual Visualization

Immerse yourself in a visual representation within a virtual environment, akin to the human visual experience. This empowers you to grasp the intricacies of your design in a more tangible and intuitive manner.

Efficient LED Management

Our expertise enables the reduction of LEDs while upholding the desired brightness. This synergy of efficiency ensures optimal performance without compromising on the quality of illumination.

ARRK’s Advantages

1.Holistic Support:

Leveraging insights gained from optical analysis, we offer extensive assistance spanning improvement design to prototyping, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to realization.

2.Rich Expertise:

Our years of accumulated expertise empower us to present solutions ranging from intricate LED arrangements to sophisticated optical path designs, meeting the most demanding requirements.

3.Diverse Lens Patterns:

With a repository of more than 100 lens sample patterns, we empower you to select the most direct route to attain your desired light pattern, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Exploring the Possibilities of Optical Analysis:

• Visual Assessment (Human Vision)
• Illumination Analysis
• Comprehensive Ray Tracing, Including Reverse Ray Tracing
• Luminance Examination
• Evaluation of Radiant Flux

Ideally recommended for:

• Those aiming to validate the effectiveness of their optical path design or requiring validation prior to prototyping.
• Individuals grappling with the complexity of achieving consistent light emission from Lightguides, irrespective of previous efforts.
• Those yearning for even surface illumination, yet confronted with sporadic point-like illumination issues.
• Visionaries seeking to reduce the count of LEDs while preserving luminance levels.
• Those without access to optical analysis software, seeking professional guidance.
• Individuals possessing optical analysis software but lacking the proficiency to harness its full potential.

  • Ansys Speos
  • Synopsys LightTools

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